It’s All About You!

There are 3 Ingredients to Fulfillment; Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, and Celebrate Yourself.

I’m inclined to write something about New Year’s goals, but I’m not feeling inspired by the idea of discussing diet/exercise/work. It seems there’s sufficient blogs about what to do, and not to do, with healthy living and most of us know what we should do. And, like most people, I have many years experience with setting goals this time of year, ultimately failing, feeling bad about myself… and then trudging through my life in an auto-pilot like state.

So, I’ve given up goal setting in the traditional sense. My ultimate goal every year is to experience a sense of fulfillment. I understand that regular exercise and eating the right foods contribute to fulfillment in some ways, but I’ve discovered there’s more to it. I know this because I’ve personally followed rigid diet and exercise regimes and felt miserable. I also know some incredibly healthy people who do not appear to be feeling fulfilled and are not pleasant to be around. What I’ve learned is that my sense of fulfillment has more to do with my mindset and attitude towards life.

Therefore, I’m feeling inspired to share my insights on what I do to infuse my life with more fulfillment.

For starters, I’ve realized that no matter what works for anyone else (either relating to diet, exercise, meditation, sleep, work, etc) it’s not necessarily going to be the same ingredients that work for me. I can gather information and ideas from outside sources, but I can’t expect to get the same results as others. What I can do is experiment with ideas, then create my own personal recipe for fulfillment.

It’s all about me. Finding my way.

I’m now trying things I thought I should never do if I wanted to be successful. I sleep in more often. I let my hair be a mess more often. And, sometimes I work in bed! I’m not saying that everyone should sleep more and go out with ratty hair and work for hours on end in their bedroom, but these are examples of what I’m experimenting with to help me to grow.

I don’t know what’s ahead for me in 2019, but I intend to carry forward three main ingredients that helped me feel fulfillment throughout the highs and lows of 2018. The ingredients are:

Accept myself
Love myself
Celebrate myself

I encourage you include these three ingredients with your goals this year. Write them on sticky notes and post them around your home and office. Set a timer on your phone to go off every day as a reminder to accept yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself. When things don’t go as planed, remember to accept, love and celebrate. This will likely keep you in a mindset that will help you continue to grow rather than slip into old patterns of feeling disempowered and trudging through life in an auto-pilot like state.

Sending all my best,