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“Ms. McAuley has helped my son gain his self-esteem and a desire to succeed. My son has had 2 jobs thanks to her, she builds goals and coaches him on job related skills and being a part of his community. Amber has taught my son proper social skills on the city bus, interacting with the driver and being able to recognize stops within his community. He has gained so many personal connections because of Amber’s determination, loyalty and belief in another human being.”  BECKY BRUNTON

“Amber has been a valued and loved member of my household.  We have enjoyed her sense of humour and approach to life. She has a calm and reflective personality that helps keep things on an even keel. Her own life experiences have assisted in the positive growth of my unique home.”  MAUREEN COSME

“Amber’s leadership is the fruit borne from her hard work and walking her talk. She brings patience, warmth and insight to her interactions with others.  One of her greatest gifts is her all-encompassing acceptance of people no matter where they are on the path.”  CHADO

“Amber McAuley is a unique individual. Her energetic style, balanced with up-to-date materials, brings together a catalyst of exploration and reflection. A must have to succeed in this modern world.”    DEAN JACKSCH

“Amber shows tremendous leadership skills by continuing to stay  ahead of the curve by offering new and improved programs to her clientele. She always strives to listen to customers and continues to adapt her courses to suit their needs. She is a generous, tireless, honest and dedicated individual who gives much of her time and energy to help others.”     DAN

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